When our mother arrived at Holy Family Home there was emptiness in her eyes.  After a while we witnessed an awakening of her spirit, thanks to the compassionate care that she was receiving.”

This statement is one we hear often from families who have just placed their loved one at Holy Family Home.  Any move for elderly people can be difficult.  When someone comes to live at Holy Family Home, they can experience a variety of uncomfortable emotions.  They may feel unsure and anxious.    However, before long, they begin to feel more at ease and peaceful, transforming their experience to a feeling that they are home.

What does it take to create a home-like environment in a place that provides 24-hour care and support to our vulnerable seniors?  It requires dedication to ensure that each resident receives personalized compassionate care in a comfortable and familiar setting.  Many residents who come to live at Holy Family Home today have complex health care needs.  Their quality of life is, to a large degree, dependent upon the creation of a physical environment that feels like home to them.

Achieving such a place in a health care facility can be challenging.  However, Holy Family Home strives continuously to ensure that each resident is surrounded by an atmosphere that awakens their spirit.  Things like comfortable furniture, familiar pictures on a wall, cultural food, activities, celebrations and moments to pray all contribute to wellbeing and quality of life.  Caring staff, visits from family, friends and moments of joy from volunteers, make Holy Family Home their home.

Although most of the operations of Holy Family Home are funded by the provincial government, enhancements that contribute to a more home-like environment are seen as extras.  The goal of this year’s Festival of Lights Campaign is once again to raise funds for the necessary extras that will enhance the quality of life of the residents in our care by supporting a more home-like feel to the Home. 

At this time of year, many will gather to share memories and create new moments to treasure.  This is also true for those living at Holy Family Home.  We invite you to make one of your memories that of experiencing the joy of giving.  A gift to the Festival of Lights Campaign will contribute immensely to providing the comforts of home so that our residents can more easily live their lives with dignity.

Your gift to the Festival of Lights is a way to remember a loved one by offering it in honour or in memory of a family member or friend.  Your generosity will be acknowledged at Holy Family Home in the Book of Honour.

Cheques should be made payable to Lubov SSMI Foundation and sent to:

          Lubov SSMI Foundation

          1085 Main Street

          Winnipeg, MB R2W 3S1

Please indicate on your cheque that you would like your gift directed to Holy Family Home.

For further information you can contact Lubov SSMI Foundation directly at

204-944-0443 or by email