Ownership and Governance

Holy Family Home is owned and operated by the Sisters Servants of Mary Immaculate. They appoint a Board of Directors, composed of community-minded citizens. The SSMI constitute the sole members and owner of the Corporation.


  • Sr. Christina Syrotynsky, Provincial Superior
  • Sisters Servants of Mary Immaculate


  • Mr. Walter Dlugosh - Chairperson
  • Mr. Peter Washchyshyn -Vice Chair
  • Mr. Bill Balan - Treasurer
  • Mrs. Vera Chernecki - Secretary


  • Dr. Andrew Bryk
  • Mr. Don Cilinsky
  • Dr. Peter Connelly - Medical Director
  • Mr. Rick Kendall
  • Dr. Patricia Kmet
  • Ms. Anna-Marie Konopelny
  • Mr. Andrew Kulyk
  • Mr. Mike Kuzyk



  • Mrs. Cathy Lentz, President, Auxiliary
  • Mr. Walter Saranchuk
  • Sr. Jean Zemliak
  • Mr. Roman Zubach
  • Metropolitan Lawrence Huculak, Ukrainian Catholic Archeparchy of Winnipeg - Ex-officio
  • Sr. Christina Syrotynsky, Provincial Superior



  • Mr. Jean R. Piché, CEO
  • Mrs. Mary Semus, Assistant CEO

Honorary Members of the Corporation


  • Mr. Nick Diakiw
  • Honourable Ted Glowacki
  • Mr. Peter Grant
  • Mrs. Joanne Huzel
  • Mr. Jack Kisil
  • Mr. Bill Markusa
  • Mr. Myron Musick
  • Mr. Terry Prychitko
  • Mr. Walter Kulyk
  • Mr. Jerry Kruk
  • Mr. Ron White
  • Mr. Fred James
  • Mr. Vladimir H. Koman
  • Mr. George Prost
  • Mr. Mark G Smerchanski
  • Honourable John R. Solomon
  • Mr. Peter Swerhone
  • Honourable Ben Hewak

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